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Bath & Body Works Drops Sneak Peak at Their Halloween Collection and I’m Freaking Out

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Y’all, the signs all are pointing in the right direction…

Halloween is pretty much right around the corner and we can expect to start seeing amazing new Halloween products in stores starting this month!

I’m so excited because Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is such a fun holiday!

Bath & Body Works has a Halloween collection that will release this month, and we have found a sneak peek of the products and they are amazing!

TikTok user DefinitelyNotBrook posted a TikTok video showcasing some of the items that we will be seeing released for Halloween from Bath & Body Works.

Every year, Bath & Body Works releases a new spooky Halloween house plug-in and this year will not disappoint, just look at those monster style flowers!

They also are releasing an amazing spooky tree-style plug-in, I love those purple bats!

You can’t have Halloween without a spooky black cat, and this plug-in has an adorable purple witch hat!

You also have to have ghosts, and this ghost plug-in is perfection, I am seriously loving how much purple they have used in this Halloween collection.

Add to that a purple bat wall plug-in!

This poison apple (that may even light up) is held by a spooky witchy hand, how cool is this plug-in?

The variety of wall plug-ins has me wanting every single one of them, like seriously look at this skull with succulents!

The last wall plug-in she showed is a raven and it’s sitting on a blue pumpkin that is covered in stars.

It doesn’t stop with the wall plug-ins, next up are the soap holders and this spooky hand soap holder is one of my favorites!

You can get even spookier with the gothic design and spiders on the following soap holder…

Teachers will love this Jack-o-lantern lanyard that holds your hand sanitizer!

If you want a lanyard with a little more spook, then the skeleton is for you!

This purple spooky hand holder happens to be my favorite though and I will definitely try to score one as soon as they release the Halloween collection on July 18th!

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