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Blake Lively Shares New Photo of Her Baby Bump and She is Adorable

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I simply adore the humor of Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively.

Their Instagram feeds are where it’s at when it comes to getting the best, most down-to-earth humor from the couple of ten years.

Side Note: Ten years in the life of a celebrity marriage is like 50 years in normal people marriage!! So happy for them!!

In one of her most recent Instagram posts, Blake shared side-by-side photos of herself with her personal trainer, Don Saladino.

And, in typical Blake Lively fashion, she brings the funny.

As you can see, in the photo on the left, Blake is sporting her pre-pregnancy body. While the photo on the right is Blake pregnant with her FOURTH baby.

Her caption on the set of photos is priceless.

been doing @donsaladino‘s workout program for months now. Something isn’t working.

Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds Has The Jokes On His Instagram Page, Too

THEN, Ryan is bringing his own comedy over on his Instagram page.

My celebrity crush — er’, Ryan Reynolds — posted a photo of Blake and himself posing with Santa and Mrs. Claus (who’s name is apparently Jessica?).

Only, he made one grave error when he posted the photo.

He cropped out Blake’s sparkly kicks!

Ryan addressed the mistake in his Instagram stories, and of course, he had the jokes.

I cropped my wife’s shoes out in the photo I posted. It’s inexcusable and I’m sorry to anyone I’ve hurt with this callous lack of fortitude. Heading to the hospital to have my brain weighted.

Ryan Reynolds Instagram Stories

Thank you, Ryan and Blake, for making me giggle on the daily. LOL!!

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