Blake Lively Trolled Ryan Reynolds About His Quarantine Ponytail and We Are Here For It

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I LOVE Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s relationship.

If I could pick a celebrity couple to never break up, it would probably be them. They’re beautiful, they’re hilarious, and they have loving hearts.

But one of my favorite aspects of their relationship, is their shared love of humor. They are both individually funny, but together, it’s magical.


One of their favorite past-times is trolling each other on social media. And we are loving every second of it!

Ryan’s trolling has been happening for quite some time. Hugh Jackman is one of his biggest targets but the one above about his mom is my favorite.

It’s expected of Ryan Reynolds to troll his wife. His Deadpool humor has grabbed the hearts of many around the world. But to see Blake Lively join in on the fun just makes me so happy!


The most recent trolling was done by Blake Lively, when she added this picture of her husband with the most adorable little ponytail!


She wrote “I dare you to forget this every time you see him for the rest of eternity”, when she shared this on her Instagram for her 26.8 million followers. Makes you just love her even more doesn’t it?


Presumably, one of Reynolds’ daughters is responsible for his new hairstyle. But either way, I don’t see the adorable, tiny ponytail harming his career at all.


But they aren’t just trolling each other during this time stuck at home. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are playing their part in trying to assist those in need during this COVID-19 crisis.


They have been trying to mitigate the fallout of the crisis including with a $400,000 donation split evenly between four New York City hospitals. They also divided a $1 million donation between Feeding America and Food Banks Canada.


We are loving both the joy they are bringing to the world with their humor, and their kindess of helping others during this time.

Thank you Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Keep being yourselves.


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