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‘Boy Perms’ Is The Hottest New Trend and I Kind Of Dig It

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I had no idea that perms were still a thing! I remember sitting for hours while my long hair was rolled with long spiral rods for my massive mane back in the late 80’s! Yes, the spiral perm was my thing!

Now it seems to be that perms are a boy thing and totally trending on TikTok!

Curly heads of hair are the new “in thing” for the boys, at least that is what it seems like when I browse TikTok! In fact, I recently saw a post from a Facebook friend showing her son getting his hair permed as well.

Apparently even some of the beauty industry’s biggest names are saying perms for men are a huge trend right now. Just go on TikTok and search out the hashtag #perm and you will see video after video of boys as well as men getting perms and showing them off.


Comment! I already know it’s coming?? ##perm ##foryoupage ##fyp ##fypシ

♬ death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu

I seriously thought we were sticking with the mullet for this year’s hair trend, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe permed mullets instead? Too much?


These days, I don’t need a perm to have curly hair. Something odd happened when my nervous system and neurological system went haywire and now I have curly hair. It’s pretty nuts!


Ok but why is my husbands hair better than mine ? ##manperm ##longhairdontcare ##perm ##diyperm

♬ Play Date – Melanie Martinez

It’s kind of fun seeing all of these people having fun with their hair right now while we are stuck spending so much time at home. Heck, I’ve come very close to shaving all of mine off (again). So what do you think of the new boy perm trend?


do u guys like it? ##perm ##fyp ##foryou insta:danielbochkov

♬ Hood Baby – Kbfr

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