Johnny Depp’s Attorney, Camille Vasquez Just Asked Amber Heard if She Edited The Alleged Abuse Photo

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Camille Vasquez came here to play!!

This is day two of the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial this week and it is cross-examination week.

One of Johnny Depp’s attorney’s is Camille Vasquez and she is roasting Amber Heard and is exposing her lies through evidence.

During the trial today, Camille asked Amber if she edited her alleged abuse pic after showing that the picture she presented was the same picture, in the same pose but one looked it had the contrast turned up on it.

The images they presented were:

Looking at these side by side, you cannot deny these are the same exact picture.

Amber claims these are different pictures under different lighting in the penthouse.

But how can that be when the lighting on her nose is the EXACT SAME? Look at her hair too, it’s in the EXACT SAME place in each photo.

Clearly it’s the same photo and the one on the left looks like it has been edited using photo filters.

Wow, I just cannot deal with Amber’s lies right now. I am so glad Camille is here calling Amber out on her lies.

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