You Can Finally Change How Your iPhone Home Screen Looks. Here’s How.

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Just when I thought I couldn’t be more obsessed with my iPhone, they go and do something like this…

The new iOS 14 software update has rolled out and guess what? They now have a new feature that allows you to change the look of your home screen!

Leaf Rakers

Seriously, I am OBSESSED and it seems to be all anyone is talking about right now!

Here’s How to Change Your iPhone Home Screen

Now, in order to be able to do any of this, you’ll want to update your iPhone software to the iOS 14 update. Otherwise this won’t work.

Go to settings –> general –> software update. Make sure your phone is plugged in and connected to wifi.

Once you’ve updated your iPhone you will want to rearrange your apps. You can put them into folders and even click to toggle and then click “move to app library”.

Doing this will organize them in one place without deleting it from your phone.

Once your apps are organized, you can download an app called “Color Widgets” or “Widgetsmith” both will allow you to insert your customized widgets. I used Widgetsmith.

The nice thing is, these apps are pretty good at walking you through setting up your home screen but I found a few videos that really helped me set mine up.

The video above is a great way to set up your buttons on the home screen and even changing how they look.

The videos below walk you through using the Widget Smith app.

I hope this helps and I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!!

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