Chicken Tenders May Go Extinct Due To The Global Shortage and I’m Not Okay

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Chicken tenders and french fries are an all year round meal for kids, and adults. 

Crunchy chicken tenders and crispy french fries with a side of honey mustard hits the spot on a cold winter’s day or during the heat during in the summer, we couldn’t imagine living without the crunchy strips.

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As of recently, chicken tenders may be the next casualty of the global supply chain which means parents with picky eaters are going to have to find a new snack to devour at lunch time or dinner; what a nightmare.

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Due to supply chain issues, the price of tenders have also increased alongside many other meats in the frozen aisles of grocery stores that have had the same fate.

In fact, according to Today, the price of chicken fingers has risen nearly a dollar a pound.

Considering that chicken tenders require more processing and increased packaging than their plus one, the chicken nugget, chicken tenders are not only going to be more expensive but harder to find at retail stores according to Today.

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Learning how to make homemade chicken tenders may be the next cooking trend to save crying adolescents on the brink of a temper tantrum since the beloved chicken strips may exit forever.

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