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Chris Evans May Be Returning to Marvel As Captain America and I’m So Excited

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Most people thought that Captain America was finished after ‘Avengers: Engame’. However, that may not be the case as Chris Evans is reportedly returning to his role as Captain America.

Marvel Studios

Chris Evans is currently in talks with Marvel Studios. The word is that they are working on a deal that would bring back Captain America.

There is no official word on if the deal has been completed at this time.


Apparently it is expected that Chris Evans will return in at minimum one Marvel property. This would reopen the door to more movies later on as well.


This doesn’t imply that there will be another ‘Captain America’ movie. I mean that would be cool though.

It only means that the Captain America character may appear as a supporting role. Just like Iron Man did in ‘Captain America: Civil War’.


Marvel has not issued any comments on whether Chris Evans will be returning yet. I would love to see it though!

Is it possible that Captain America will travel back to the present time again?


We just don’t have the answers. At least it is a possibility of what happens next.

I have to be honest and say that I am so lost and behind on most of the movies.


You kind of need a diagram to make sure you watch them in the order they should be watched right? Will you be excited to see Captain America return?


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