Congestion Rub

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Do you find yourself feeling congested more often than not? This time of year is when bugs come and just won’t relent, which is why we decided to share this amazing recipe for congestion rub with you today!  It feels amazing when your nose does not.

congestion solution

For this congestion rub recipe you will need:

shea butter


To start out, you’ll need a double boiler. If you don’t have one on hand, you could also place a large metal bowl over a pot of boiling water and use that as a make-shift boiler instead.

Place the shea butter and beeswax into the top of the double boiler (or the bowl on top of your pot). As these start to melt, add the oils and mix.  Use a whisk for best results as these need to be well combined.

When it becomes nice and creamy you can remove the boiler from heat and spoon the congestion rub into a glass container for use. Be sure to let it cool a bit before applying, as you don’t want to burn yourself.

When the congestion rub has reached an even temperature you may apply it liberally to your chest, back and the soles of your feet. Applying the rub in these places will bring the most benefit.

Are you as excited as we are to learn ways of making things like this from home? Not only do you know exactly what goes into the congestion rub but you can save money by making it at home as well! There are so many things you can do yourself with oils, but this is definitely a favorite of ours!

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