Cowboys Everywhere Are Boycotting Wrangler Over Collab With The “Old Town Road” Rapper

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Lil Nas might have the horses in the back, but he does not have the cowboys on his side.

If your house is anything like mine, Old Town Road is pretty much on repeat in your tween/teen’s room right now, and I am not going to lie, the tune is a catchy one.

A few weeks ago, Old Town Road was pulled off the country billboard charts for not being country enough, but the good ‘ol boy hate doesn’t end there.

Wrangler just announced their Lil Nas collection– they wrote on Instagram “Psst… it’s an instant hit”


Some of their fans were less than enthused.

Many are saying it’s “cowboy cultural appropriation” and have boycotted the company.


Even Lil Nas himself can’t believe people.

But there are lots of people that are HERE FOR IT, too, and it’s selling out quick.

I mean, it’s pretty cute, I need me a pair of those booty pants.


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