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Daily News Delivered To You Distilled Style

News is everywhere. Look around you, you’ve got news on the TV, news delivered to your mailbox, and of course, news spread across social media. It’s easy to get overwhelmed because you really are unable to filter only what you want to see and hear. That’s where it would come in handy if a site just so happened to exist where daily news could be delivered to you distilled style. You know, like an expensive vodka but instead it would be fresh news and only the type of news you want to see. Oh wait, that totally exists and it’s called The Daily Distiller.

Daily News Delivered To You Distilled Style

Daily News Delivered To You Distilled Style

The Daily Distiller is a free email newsletter that distills the best of news, sports, culture, business, and technology, with daily recommendations for what to read, watch, stream, and drink. They are the morning aperitif that can last you all the way to your nightcap — past the water cooler, through 5 o’clock, and everywhere in between.

They are a group of friends who know each other from college and kindergarten, in no particular order. It turned out that they were all news junkies, but were each obsessed with different things — senate filibusters, sabermetrics, the S&P 500, The Strokes. But they all liked sazeracs, once we knew what they were. And so The Daily Distiller was born.

Sounds like the cool place to find all things news, right?

I think so!

Now it gets even cooler…

Currently, when you The Daily Distiller you are entered to win two free tickets to Hamilton on Broadway and $1,000 for travel. Talk about an awesome date night!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to The Daily Distiller. Fill out the short form and you will be entered to win this awesome prize. Also, you will start receiving that distilled news straight to your inbox. Total win-win!

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