Disney is Getting Rid of The Name Fox Studios. Here’s Why.

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The Disney Company is taking over the world. Well, Disney and Amazon — but that’s a whole different story.

Disney bought part of Fox last year. So, some famous names are getting a bit of a rebranding facelift.


20th Century Fox has been a ‘thing’ for as long as I can remember, and then some. They brought out movies like The Sound of Music and The Star Wars movies, so they have been around quite a long time.

With Disney taking over the studio, however, we may not see that famous 20th Century Fox logo for much longer.

They are renaming the studio ’20th Century Studios.’ It DOES seem a bit strange that it is the 21st century, and they are keeping the 20th Century moniker, but the name is tied to so many movies that we know and love, I’m sure they wanted to keep that connection to the past.


Disney is also changing up the names of some of the other subsidiaries they have acquired.

20th Century Fox

The Disney company has rebranded Fox Searchlight Picture, and it will now simply be known as Searchlight Pictures.


So there won’t be any confusion, FOX News will still be — well — FOX news. Disney has NO stake in this company, so it won’t be changing.

No worries, Disney will still be pump out great films and programming, like always. Nothing has changed on that front.


Will this mean even MORE greatness on Disney+ for us? Only time will tell.

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