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Disney Is Releasing New ‘Frozen’ Shorts That Have Been Made At Home

Funny story, I once got to do a voice over of Olaf. No it wasn’t for use in a movie or anything. It was just simply an experience I was able to have. Let me tell you, it is NOT easy!

Loudmouth Photography

I totally thought I would nail it. I was wrong. Somewhere there is a YouTube video of it and it is awful. Sorry, I’m not sharing that haha! It was terrible. Fun, but definitely not a line of work I am suited for.

If you have kids that love Frozen, you are going to love this news! It is called ‘At Home with Olaf’! Everyone loves Olaf right?

Thankfully they had the professionals handle the voice over and animation! These are done from home! Hyrum Osmond and Josh Gad worked together to make this magic happen.

Loudmouth Photography

These shorts are truly short but super cool! I mean it takes a lot of time! That time I got to do the voice over, I also got to learn rigging, again with Olaf as my subject! It is not easy! FUN, but not easy.

So they made these shorts in their own homes! No team, just them. I am amazed!

I’m sure they are bored as well and this gives them something to do and will totally entertain your children. Heck, I’m entertained.

Now, I’m not sure if the ‘At Home With Olaf’ new digital series will just continue on social media or Disney Plus. Hopefully, we will know more soon! So far I have found them on Twitter.