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You Can Get A Dog Advent Calendar Filled With Treats For Your Furry Friend And I My Pup Needs One

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I LOVE advent calendars. Last year I couldn’t decide between a bunch so we ended up with a lot to open each day. Whoops!

So I decided this year, to make it easier on myself with choosing, I’m going to get one for each member of my family! I’ve already picked this Harry Potter Advent Calendar for my son, and this Disney Storybook Advent Calendar for my daughter! Now it’s time for my firstborn…my pup.

Meet Riley, she’s my 10 year old pup. And I can’t leave her out of this! So I had to start searching to find her a cute advent calendar. And I accidentally found a few! Whoops!


Let’s start with this one. This is actually my favorite option because it is super affordable ($12.99) and reusable! So you can actually use this every year and customize which treats and snacks you want to put in it! Check out this Good Dog Advent Calendar before it sells out!


Then I found this amazing DreamBone Furry Christmas Advent Calendar , which is all dog treats, but they made sure all of their treats were rawhide-free, making it safe for your pup to eat!


And if your dog is watching their weight and could tone it down on the treats, this ZippyPaws Advent Calendar is all dog toys! And they are so adorable too!


There are so many different Dog Advent Calendars available that it will be hard not to find what you are looking for so be sure to get your pup something to make them feel special this season!

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