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Dole Smoothie Bowls Are in Grocery Stores and They Taste Exactly Like Disney’s Dole Whip!

I love Disneyland. It is my Happy Place.

Every time I go to Disney, the first snack stop I have to make it the Dole Whip stand. It just TASTES like Disney.

I will gladly brave the line, which almost needs its own FastPass, for that wonderful Dole Whip experience.

This delicious soft serve is just like biting into a tropical island full of pineapples, and it sends me straight to tastebud heaven each time.

When I come home from a trip to Disney, I inevitably miss the sweet tangy coolness of that tasty Dole Whip treat.

Dole Whip Smoothies are coming!!

photo credit: instagram @debbiewillsonn, dole

I almost flipped my top when I heard that Dole was releasing a new Dole Whip Spoonable Smoothie in the flavor pineapple banana. It is supposed to taste just like my beloved Dole Whip from Disney!

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While it doesn’t have the texture of a soft serve, it is kept in your freezer. When you are ready to eat it, you just pop it right out. It thaws in about 30 minutes, and is topped with sweet pineapple chunks, and crunchy granola.

It is like a Dole Whip 2.0, that’s perfect for breakfast or that midday snack.

Boasting only 180 calories, it is the perfect go-to for any diet! It’s excellent for getting in that extra serving of fruit each day.

I’m so excited that I don’t have to wait for my next Disney vacation to experience the flavor of Dole Whip heaven!

All I have to do is pop over to my closest grocery store! While they aren’t available yet, they are coming soon.

If, for some unimaginable reason, you don’t care for the flavor of Dole Whip, the Spoonable Smoothie is also being released in a strawberry banana flavor. This one will only set you back 170 calories.

Each Dole Spoonable Smoothie will be less than $4, and they are going to be released sometime this spring.


I cannot wait! Bring on the Dole Whip Spoonable Smoothies. They can’t arrive fast enough.

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