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How To Make Taquito Pencils

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Look, I love Taquitos, okay. They’re totally yum, they take about a minute to heat up in the microwave, and they have always been one of my favorite after school snacks. So, naturally, I decided to turn them into pencils for an awesome back to school treat!

taquito pencils sponsored by delimex taquitos #cbias #afterschoolsnacks

These taquito pencils were so much fun to make as a quick snack for the kids. I couldn’t believe how fast they made them. And, I love that older kids can even make them by themselves! The girls loved that, too because they felt super important making a recipe that was so totally adorable. I love giving them that chance at independence!

What You Need To Make Taquito Pencils:

  • Taquitos
  • Bugles
  • Raisins

How To Make Taquito Pencils:

  • Cook a few Taquitos in the microwave on high for about a minute. We wrapped ours in a paper towel, and they came out perfect. 
    cook delimex taquitos #shop #cbias #afterschoolsnacks
  • While your taquitos are cooling, cut a raisin into fourths. This is just for the little tip of the pencil. You could skip this part if you want, but I think it really makes the pencil super cute!
    cut a raisin into fourths cbias shop afterschoolsnacks
  • Pick out Bugles that are pretty straight and have a big opening at the end. We had a lot of fun picking out the perfect ones!
  • Stick the Taquitos down into the Bugles.
    #shop #cbias #AfterSchoolSnacks

Still confused? Don’t worry, we made you a handy dandy video showing you how to make taquito pencils:

Now you have adorable Delimex Taquito Pencils!

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