Doritos Is Releasing Two New Spicy Dips So You Can Dip Dip Your Potato Chip

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Doritos has decided to expand on their dipping flavors and this time, they’re not asking if you can take the heat.

Two new flavors perfect for dipping any Doritos flavored chip includes two spicy kicks with extreme heat in every jar.

Courtesy of @doritos

Introducing Spicy Nacho and Cool Ranch Jalapeño, two new dips that will certainly test your hot tongue!

Courtesy of @tmc_reviews

Flavored similarly like the o.g. Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch chips you know and love, the only difference in these dips is the flaming fire taste inside.

Courtesy of @doritos

Made for double dipping and available come the new year, look for the bright red and dark blue spherical dips on grocery store shelves.

Courtesy of @tmc_reviews

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