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People Are Ordering Dr. Pepper with Pickles at Sonic and I Am Not Sure How to Feel

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So, I’m not a fan of Dr. Pepper, although I do like the new Coconut Dr. Pepper. But, I am a huge pickle fan… will I try this combo? Maybe…

I have seen numerous posts and videos of people heading to their local Sonic to try a now viral drink trend.

They are ordering a Dr. Pepper with pickles added and I’m just here trying to figure out the why… like who even thought of this?

Apparently, this isn’t a new thing and people have been adding pickles to Dr. Peppers for years! Who knew? But still… WHY?

Image credit: niyekovt

I’ve watched videos of people saying “Don’t knock it ’til ya try it” and videos of people gagging and dry heaving after taking just one sip.

Image credit: therealleetv

Sonic confirmed to TODAY.com that people are indeed ordering the drink a LOT and calling it a ‘Dr. Pepper Pucker’.

With thousands of unique ways to customize your drink at SONIC, we are no stranger to seeing our fans create fun and unexpected flavor combinations. The addition of pickle slices was a new one though, and we’ve seen an increase in guests adding them to their drinks over the past week. While the ‘Dr. Pepper Pucker’ is not an official drink on SONIC’s menu, we appreciate and encourage the creativity. And who knows… if your drink innovation is popular enough, it might just end up on our menu!

Sonic representative told TODAY.com
Image credit: hungryheartadventures

So, have you tried the ‘Dr. Pepper Pucker’? If not, will you? I’m on the fence.

… it’s sick and wrong… but part of me wants to try it…

TheLadyBunBun posted to Reddit 3 years ago about this same drink mix.

I’m with you TheLadyBunBun…

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