Dragonflies Can Help Eliminate Mosquitoes. Here’s What You Can Plant In Your Yard To Attract Them.

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I think we can all agree on one thing…mosquitoes are the WORST. And summer is THE worst season for them. Oh, and did I mention that we will potentially have genetically modified mosquitoes released this year, starting in Texas and Florida? (Come on, 2020!)

So if there is ANY way at all to get rid of them, I am all ears…especially since I live in Texas!

Dragonflies are such beautiful creatures as it is, but I see their beauty even more so knowing that they can make mosquitoes go away!

In fact, they can eat up to 100 mosquitoes a day! So let’s fill up their bellies!

You help them, they help you…this seems like the start of a beautiful friendship!

You don’t even have to have full grown dragonflies to eat up all of the mosquitoes. In fact, the dragonfly larvae tend to consume more than the adults do! Now it’s just the case of getting dragonflies to want to hang out in your yard!

One flower that you can plant to attract dragonflies is Black-Eyed Susans.

The best part about these flowers is that they are incredibly low maintenance (perfect for those of us who are not exactly green thumbs!). They require sunlight and light watering and can grow in most climates.

Another flower you can plant to attract dragonflies is Meadow Sage. This beautiful purple flower is also easy to grow and needs little care. It can also thrive in dry areas! It’s so pretty, I would want to grow it anyways!

And finally, the Yarrow White Wildflower can also bring dragonflies to your yard. Yarrow is used for medicinal purposes all over the world, but it also attracts dragonflies so it can be used as a “pest repellent now!”

Dragonflies are also attracted to water (as are mosquitoes), so if you have any body of water, whether it be a pond, fountain, or creek nearby, this will give the perfect breeding grounds for dragonflies. And although it will also attract mosquitoes, your new pets will eat them up!

It has also been said that birds can help keep mosquitoes, so even setting up a bird feeder, or buying some chickens could help keep them at bay (and get you some fresh eggs!).

Summer is such a brutal season when it comes to bugs, creepy crawlies, and the blazing summer heat. Mosquitoes make it a million times worse.

So take any precautions you need to so that you and your family can enjoy time together outside without having to ward off crazy pests.

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