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Duncan Hines Just Released A Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Kit And I Have To Have It

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I love holiday baked goodies, however, I don’t like baking from scratch when I’m super busy.


This time of the year is so super busy for me because I am a photographer on top of being a writer, and holiday photos are happening now.

When you bake from scratch there are so many ingredients, and then there is the mess and clean-up.

I just want to eat the treats without all of the hassles that come with baking from scratch.

Thankfully Duncan Hines made its EPIC dessert kits for people like me!

The Duncan Hines Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Kit is the perfect Christmas flavor combination right???

The EPIC dessert kit includes the following:

  • chocolate cookie mix
  • crème frosting
  • red and white peppermint-flavored candy cane-shaped sprinkles

All that you have to do is combine the cookie mix with butter, water, and an egg and mix.

Next, you’ll shape your dough into balls, add your sprinkles and then bake them!

After your cookies have baked and cooled you can add the frosting on the flat side and then top with another cookie.

The Duncan Hines EPIC Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Kit can be found in the baking aisle now and will cost about $4.98.

Duncan Hines

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