Easy Kid’s Valentine’s Day Hair Tutorial

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Looking for an adorable Valentine’s Day hairdo for your little one, but don’t want to fiddle around with curlers and bobby pins? This easy Valentine’s Day hair tutorial is perfect because it requires no hot tools, it keeps hair away from the face, and doesn’t require too much time for a fidgety kid. We’ll go through a step-by-step below, followed by a fancy video tutorial.

kids valentine's day hair tutorial

You will need:

A comb

Two clear hair elastics

A hairtie

A bow

kids valentine's day hair tutorial

Start by parting the hair right down the middle

Then, on either side of the center part, part the hair in two half circles. Tie the remaining hair off into a hair tie.

Clip one side of the hair to keep it out of the way

Starting at the crown, you’re going to start a French braid; except you’re only going to be adding hair to the braif from the side closest to the face. You want the braif to follow the half circle part we created earlier. This can be hard to understand written out, so make sure you check out the video below!

Continue the braid past the arc of the semi circle part, then start to braid the hair back towards the center of the head. This is so the hair will lay flat at the end and make a pretty heart shape

Tie off the first braid with a clear elastic and repeat on the other side.

Double check that both sides are even.

Pin braids out of the way and gather remaining hair into a ponytail.

Add the braids to the ponytail.

kids valentine's day hair tutorial

Add any bows and finishing touches (glitter spray, if you’re brave), and you’re all set!

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