Apparently You’ve Been Eating Strawberries Wrong Your Entire Life and I’m Absolutely Stunned

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Take everything you know about previously eating strawberries and completely forget about the old tradition because apparently, the way we typically eat the fruit is completely wrong.

Leave it to TikTok to tell us we’ve been doing something wrong our entire lives and the most recent mark on that list includes eating strawberries.

Courtesy of @mrfoodtastic

That’s right, apparently the way you’ve been eating strawberries is incorrect and here’s why!

Thanks to TikToker @mrfoodtastic who showed us the correct way to eat a strawberry in a viral video and according to the social media user, you should be eating the entire strawberry whole!

Courtesy of @mrfoodtastic

Now while the initial thought may seem a bit wacky (which it certainly does me to), there are actually a ton of nutritional benefits by eating the very top of the strawberry.

Eating the green and leafy part of the strawberry can help soothe stomach aches, reduce nausea, assist with bloating, cramps, and even diarrhea according to the TikTok user.

Now that you know you can eat the entire strawberry as a whole, I don’t have to tell you that strawberries aren’t actually berries…right?

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