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This Egg Decorating Kit Is All You Need To Create Gorgeous Easter Eggs

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This EggMazing Egg Decorating Kit is even more awesome than it looks!


Easter is quickly coming up — April 4th to be exact — and my kids have been doing EVERYTHING in their power to get me to boil up some eggs, so they can dye them in bright spring colors!

I tell you what, I hate egg decorating time!!

Having to boil up eggs — that I know good-and-well nobody is going to eat — smelling up the house like vinegar, getting dye all over EVERYTHING, including the kids.

I don’t like it at all.

That is why I L-O-V-E this EggMazing egg decorating kit.


Yes, you still have to boil up the eggs, but there is no — zero, zilch, nada — dye involved!


It uses markers, a magic little spinning motor, and tons of creativity from your young one.


I’m not going to lie — after I sent the kids to bed the other night, I painted myself up a bunch of eggs on this EggMazing decorator.

It is mesmerizing and fun!!


You can get your OWN EggMazing Egg Decorator Kit on the Amazon website.


It will set you back $25.99, and it will be the best time you have ever had turning your hard boiled eggs into works of art.


If you want to see the EggMazing Egg Decorating Kit in action, check out this video on Facebook.

Now, once you put the kids to bed, if you want to have a little Easter adult fun, you can get yourself some of these Baileys Double Chocolate Luxe Mini Eggs. Yum!!

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