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Every Friday in June is Free Frazil Friday

Move over Free Slurpee Day, Frazil is here with a deal that one-ups your free cold drink offering…

Frazil has announced that every Friday in June 2023 is Free Frazil Friday! Yay!!


Now, if you’ve never had a Frazil before, it’s basically a creamier version of a slurpee.

Basically, a flavored slushie.


For example, here is how the Blue Razzmatazz is described:

Raspberry juice, like the blood in your veins turns red when oxygenated. When deoxygenated the raspberries turn blue. Consequently, blue raspberries must be harvested in a vacuum, free of oxygen. The only people we know that are trained to work in oxygen free environments are astronauts. So next time you see our national heroes on a float in a parade, thank them for the incredible Frazil refreshment, Blue Razzmatazz. Because without them mankind wouldn’t have this drink…or Tang….or a flag on the moon. One small step for raspberries, one giant leap for Frazil!


According to the Frazil website:

Any Friday in June, you can get a free 12oz cup of Frazil at any participating location. Just head on in and let them know that you’re there for your free Frazil! Limit 1 per person, while supplies last.

The cool part is, you can use the Frazil website to find locations that are participating in the Free Frazil Friday.


Plus, it will also tell you which flavors are available at that location!!

You can visit the Frazil Website to find a Free Frazil Friday location near you here.