Facebook Just Announced They Are Changing Their Name to Meta

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Facebook’s name is officially well, in the books.

The long reigning name of the popular social media platform has officially been changed and its new name is Meta.

“We are a company that builds technology to connect,” Zuckerberg said. “Together, we can finally put people at the center of our technology. And together, we can unlock a massively bigger creator economy.”

Mark Zuckerberg 

“To reflect who we are and what we hope to build,” he added.

Mark Zuckerberg 

According to the Facebook CEO, the name of the platform doesn’t fully encompass everything the company has to offer.

“Right now, our brand is so tightly linked to one product,” he said. “But over time, I hope we are seen as a metaverse company.”

Mark Zuckerberg 

Zuckerberg who now owns the Twitter handle @meta and meta.com, will redirect online users to a welcome page on Facebook that shows the social media platform’s big changes.

According to The Verge who first reported Facebook’s possible name change last week, the new name is part of the company’s efforts to shift gears and pull away from only being known as just a social media company and to focus on Zuckerberg’s bigger plans for building the metaverse in the upcoming future.

The Facebook name will still remain for the app but the main parent company name is changing.

Out with the old Facebook and in with the new Meta.


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