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Facebook’s New Feature Lets You Have Secret Conversations and Honestly, It Just Makes It Easier For People To Cheat

If you are on messenger, you might have noticed a new feature but if you haven’t, let me enlighten you…

Facebook just rolled out a new messenger feature and it’s called “Vanish Mode”. Honestly, right after I told my husband about it (and sent him a secret message) he was like, “Who is this even for? Cheaters?”

And yup, I think so.

The new Facebook Messenger Feature is called “Vanish Mode” and it’s a way to secretly have a conversation with someone and allow the messages to expire and basically wipe off the face of the earth after a certain time.

Aside from cheating, the only other possible reason I can imagine using this for is to send sweet messages to your significant other or discuss surprises like surprise parties and what not.

Here is how Facebook Vanish Mode works:

  1. From Home, tap 
  2. Tap Secret in the top right.
  3. Select who you want to message.
  4. Tap  in the text box and choose a time.
  5. Tap Done to set a timer to make the message disappear.

I used my husband as an example so I could show you how it works:

Once you do that, the chat turns black and you can set the duration of how long you want your message to be viewable.

Once the person views the message, a countdown timer pops up and once that time is over, the message is no longer viewable.

Obviously, I find it cool to send sweet and lovey messages to my husband. I won’t really use it for anything else. However, many are saying it would make it easy for people to cheat (which they are not wrong).

The thing is, while the actual message disappears, that person doesn’t disappear from your recent messages list so, if you are trying to cheat, this might just be the dumbest way to do it!

So, what do you think? Is this a feature making cheating easier?

Steve Jenna

Tuesday 16th of November 2021

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Wednesday 17th of March 2021

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Julie Wheeler

Wednesday 13th of January 2021

Could this be why a message from December 28 was randomly at the very top of my boyfriends inbox on Facebook from his ex girlfriend? But there was nothing new in the conversation, the last message between them was on December 28. But why would a message from that long ago be up at the top looking like it was from 2 days ago with all of his new messages from other ppl he had received that day?


Saturday 23rd of January 2021

@Julie Wheeler, sadly, probably. I've been cheated on and this was one way I found out - before there was vanish mode, which is wrong on so many levels.