Turns Out, Fireworks and Hand Sanitizer Can Be a Dangerous Combination. Here’s What We Know.

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Yes, I know…most of us are like well yea, duh! But, we all don’t think the same and we all don’t consider all possibilities. I know there are things I am always like holy cow, I never thought about that. So safety first y’all, let’s talk about fireworks and hand sanitizer!

Last year there were over 7,000 injuries reported related to fireworks around the 4th of July. 57% of those injuries were burns.

A lot of y’all are very much in to the hand sanitizer right now and common sense and science both tell us that alcohol and fire don’t go together.

Alcohol and fire do not mix. You shouldn’t pair flammable items; it’s the proverbial recipe for disaster.

National Safety Council (NSC) spokeswoman Maureen Vogel told CNN

I’ve had my own dangerous run-ins with fireworks. Once I was riding in the passenger seat of a car with the window rolled down and a bottle rocket came right through the window and shot me in the head. No joke! Scared the crap out of me.

Another time we were watching fireworks as a family and one of the set-ups tipped over and we had to shield the kids with our bodies. It was scary and awful.

Here Are Some Safety Tips From The NSC

Leaving fireworks to the professionals.

If you or someone you know insists on using fireworks, understand your state’s laws because each state is different.

Adults should never use fireworks while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Never allow young children to handle fireworks. Even sparklers are risky, because they burn at 2,000 degrees.

Get more fireworks safety tips at nsc.org

So, please leave it to the professionals. If you can’t manage to contain your need to do it yourself, then use your common sense and keep the hand sanitizer away as well as other flammable substances.

It has been recommended to just wash your hands with soap and water and avoid the hand sanitizer if you are going to be dealing with fire and explosives, such as fireworks.

The logical side of me thinks that the alcohol would dissipate quickly enough to not cause a problem, but guess what…I’m not a professional. So let’s just use some common sense and put the flammable items away.

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