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Here Is How To Watch The Oscars Without Cable

The Academy Awards are on ABC THIS Sunday, and all I have to say is — FINALLY!!

This is the REAL Super Bowl in my book! I know I’m not alone. Forget sports ball, bring on the celebrities and the movies they represent.

There is only one little problem. I cancelled my cable back in July, and I don’t get television channels. *Gasp*

Are you in the same boat?

I have gone on a hunt for the best FREE alternatives to watch this show that I wait ALL YEAR for, and I have some GREAT solutions for all us rebels who have proverbially cut the cable cord.


This streaming service allows you to get HULU, along with all the television channels available in your area.

The service is $54.99 a month, BUT they offer a free 7 days to new customers. SO, you sign up for a week, and then REMEMBER to cancel before your 7 days free trial is up!


This is another great option. This service lets you watch more than 45 LIVE channels, including HBO. This alternative is $65 per month, but like Hulu, they give you a week of free TV to check out the service.

So sign up, have fun for a week, and then CANCEL that s*** before they hit you with a $65 charge!

You Tube TV

This is my favorite option. You get over 70 channels with this service, and it’s only $49.99 per month!

But, you know the drill here. They offer a stellar 14 day free trial, so you can watch for two weeks. Just make sure you let them know you want to cancel after the trial is up.


Okay, so this one isn’t FREE, but it’s still a great alternative. You can buy an antenna, plug it right into the back of your TV, and VOILA! You can get the Oscars, but then you don’t have anything to cancel when they are over. You can find a great TV antenna for $25 or $30.

If all else fails, you can beg your friends to let you come watch the show at their house. Hey, make it an Oscar viewing party, complete with fancy dresses and great food!

However you choose to watch, be there THIS Sunday at 8pm EST.

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