Here’s A Sneak Peak Of Robert Pattinson As Batman

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We are finally getting a glimpse at the new Batman! *Squee*

There is a VERY SHORT clip of — who I’m assuming is — Robert Pattinson wearing the new suit, and it’s pretty dang cool!

It looks hella futuristic, but still gives a nod to the ORIGINAL Adam West Batman suit, complete with headpiece and cape.

Now, the comics have leaned more toward Batman as a sort of detective. Might we be getting this in the new movie? *Fingers crossed*


Wouldn’t it be awesome to track down some of these villains, before The Batman takes them out.


Okay, so this clip that we have. It’s pretty dark, as Batman tends to be, but we see flashes of the bat symbol across Pattinson’s chest and the cowl — complete with cape.


I’m going to need this movie to come out, like, NOW! I need to see if it lives up to all the hype!


I am a Michael Keaton purist, when it comes to Batman, but I’m HOPEFUL that THIS Batman will blow Keaton out of the water — even if it IS Robert Pattinson.


Catch the Robert Pattinson Batman clip, below.

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