Here’s The Starbucks Valentine’s Day Cups You Can Get and I Love Them All

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Now that the new year is here, Starbucks is moving onto bigger and more loveable things… Starbucks Released Valentine’s Day Cups and I Am In Love!

Starbucks stores are actively getting rid of the holiday cups (lots are on clearance for 75% off) and adding in their new Valentine’s Day stock.

Norma Lee in Leaf Rakers Society

While not all locations may have these cups right now, many have been able to pick these up already and they are adorable!

The rumor is these will officially drop at Starbucks locations across the nation on January 7, 2020.

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FYI these cups are being found inside Target Starbucks and regular Starbucks stores. It’s worth checking your local store for these.

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The one above is a lot like the glitter handled one that was super popular around the holidays. Only this one has heart confetti in the handle. Ahhhhh.

Tatiana Cristina in Leaf Rakers Society

They are so cute, I want them all. Looks like I know what to tell my husband to get me for Valentine’s Day!!

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Keep your eye out for these adorable cups that feature fun Valentine’s Day prints.

Also, order something off the Starbucks Secret Menu while you’re there because, why not?

Cierra Rayman in Leaf Rakers Society

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  1. I’m confused by the lid…does it come apart? What is the purpose of the complex mechanism?

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