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Hot Vampaliciousness

I’m very busy, but I feel like I’ve been neglecting you–blogoverse, you don’t deserve that. I’m sorry, and to make it up I’ve decided to dedicate this post to hot vampires.

Let me start by saying that I don’t really like scary vamps… they give me the creepy bejeebies–but I do appreciate that we’ve turned them into a blood sucking sex symbol.

So without further adue, I give you the vamps. (Because I know that’s why you clicked through, right?)

First and foremost I give you my favorite bad boy vamp of all time. He’s just the right amount of hot, and still the star of many a ‘If I ever have to get turned into a vamp–I totally want it to be by this guy’ daydream.



Oh, hi Spike–it’s nice to see you again. I’ve been missing you–do you think maybe we could go for espressos later or something? What’s that Spike? You don’t drink coffee? Oh, just blood? That does make sense. Have you met my friend?



He’s from this vamp town and they have this stuff called Tru Blood. It’s supposed to be a lot like human blood only way gross–but I know you do prefer the human variety, maybe this guy would prefer the synthetic stuff?



Oh, speaking of Angel–he’s the kind of vamp that all vamps should be compared to. He’s tortured, broody–and lickable. But, there’s a new vamp in town that is giving him a run for his money in my ‘vamps I’d make out with’ category.



That’s right boys–there’s a new vamp in town and I am all sorts of giddy school girl over this one? Oh? Well, I really think the only way for us to decide who the hottest vamp in town is would be an old fashioned fight to the death, or eternal damnation as the case may be.

Happy Halloween
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