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How Many Episodes Are in the Final Season of ‘This Is Us’?

NBC’s This Is Us series is finally coming to an end. It has been a long and emotional ride for us all and now that the 6th and final season is airing, you might want to grab the tissues and prepare yourself for one last wild ride.

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This season we are hoping the show will wrap up and provide us with so many unanswered questions…

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What happened with Kate and Toby?

Who is Kate marrying at the end of Season 5?

Who does Kevin ultimately end up with?

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Does Miguel and Rebecca make it to the end?

There are so many burning questions and we need the answers because this really is the end of this series. So, my big question is, just how many episodes can we expect in the final season?

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How Many Episodes Are in the Final Season of ‘This Is Us’?

Much like in previous seasons (with the exception of Season 5) This Is Us Season 6 will contain 18 episodes.

When do new episodes of This Is Us Season 6 premiere?

The first episode of the final season of This Is Us airs at 6 PM PST/ 7 PM MST/ 8 PM CST/ 9 PM EST on NBC. New episodes will air weekly on NBC and will be available the day after on Hulu.

Currently, the first 6 episodes have been announced:

  • January 4 – – Episode 1, “The Challenger”
  • January 11 – – Episode 2, “Yellow Brick Road”
  • January 18 – – Episode 3, “Four Fathers”
  • January 25 – – Episode 4, “Don’t Let Me Keep You”
  • February 22 – – Episode 5, “Heart And Soul”
  • March 1 – – Episode 6, “Our Little Island Girl: Part Two”

Further episodes will be announced soon!

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Is This Is Us Ending After Season 6?

Yes. Season 6 is the final and last season of This Is Us.

Will there be a Season 7 of This Is Us?

No. Season 6 is the final season of This Is Us.

I don’t know about you, but I am not ready for the end of This Is Us but I am ready to have some answers to my burning questions!!