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How To Date Your Spouse Right Now

With everything happening right now, trips have been cancelled. Dates have been cancelled. Families have been cooped up at home going stir crazy.

So it’s a little hard to feel any romance in the air.

For me personally, it’s been almost impossible. We have two toddlers at home.

And although I’m an introvert and LOVE staying at home…they don’t. SO it’s been a little hectic around here.

The social distancing suggestion started right before my husband’s birthday. And it is still in full effect now, right before my birthday.

We had planned a weekend getaway to celebrate our birthdays together. Got a babysitter, booked a hotel, took off at work.

All of that had to be cancelled.

But why should dating your spouse stop just because you’re stuck at home? Sure, you have to get more creative.

Yeah, you’ll have to work around the children stuck at home with you. But if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Ideas For At Home Dates With Your Spouse

1. Game Night

We love game nights! We are both competitive so it’s a fun way for us to hang out together. Want to make it fancy? Set out some candles, wine, maybe even a cheese board. Want to make it more fun? Place some bets on who will win and the prizes can be favors to each other!

Some of our favorite games to play on our at-home date nights:

2. Coffee Date

We love going to local coffee shops to sit down, sip on a cup of coffee and enjoy each others company. Why not make that happen at home? You could set up a coffee tasting with some of Starbucks Favorites or brew what you have available at home.

Curl up on the porch or on the couch, turn on a ‘Coffee House’ playlist (There are some already set up on Spotify), put your phones away, and spend time reconnecting.

3. Have A Backyard Picnic

Picnics are extremely romantic in my opinion. My husband actually proposed to me while we were on a picnic. Make your favorite treats, but them in a basket, grab a blanket, and find a great spot with a view!

Enjoy a great conversation over your meal. Look at the clouds and try to guess what they look like. Pick a wildflower bouquet to take home. The options are endless. Enjoy the fresh air and get out of the house!

4. Make Yourselves Brunch In Bed

Get up with you love and make brunch together. Then crawl back in bed and enjoy your creations.

Making food together has always been a date night idea. But making brunch style foods (my personal favorite) and snuggling back up in bed sounds like a dream to me. Open up a window, get the cool morning breeze and sunshine on you and soak up each other.

5. At-Home Spa Day

An at-home spa date can be even better than going to a spa. Because you get to be with the love of your life…and it’s waaaay less expensive. Slip into your robes and slippers, light some candles, play some instrumental music, and pamper yourselves and each other!

Use face masks, body scrubs, and bath bombs. Fill a pitcher of water with cucumber and ginger root (or whichever infusions you prefer). Give each other massages. Just enjoy each other in a calm, relaxing environment.

6. Culture Themed Date Night

It may be hard staying at home when there’s a whole world out there to explore. So why not bring different parts of the world to your own home! Pick a country for inspiration and then plan your date night around it! Here are some example:

  • Japan – Learn to make sushi together. Watch a Japanese inspired film. Drink sake.
  • Italy – Make a homemade pizza or pasta together. Go on a virtual 360 art date online and look at Italy’s famous art. Eat some Gelato.
  • France – Make a cheeseboard and some wine. Create your own wine tasting. Watch Moulin Rogue.
  • Ireland – Perfect the Irish Soup, test out your Irish accents on each other. Drink some Guinness beer. Watch a horse race.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Just research a country that interests you and see what they are famous for or what their famous dishes are.

7. Have Your Own ‘Painting With A Twist’ Night

I love going to Painting with a Twist! So why not recreate it at home! Grab your favorite drinks and watch a painting tutorial online while you try to create your own masterpiece! I’m pretty partial to Bob Ross 🙂

These are just a few of MANY ideas. You can make the best of any situation if you put your mind to it! So grab your loved one and plan some time for just the two of you. Keep your relationship well-watered during this time of social distancing and use this time to watch it grow.