How To Prepare For The Cold & Flu Apocalypse

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You’re doomed. Why? Because if you aren’t already armed and ready for the The Cold & Flu Apocalypse you may as well give up now…

Bit dramatic?

Okay, maybe it is but in all reality when cold & flu season peaks you are better off being prepared for the day you inherit a cold.

I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever had a cold and haven’t felt as if the world was ending.

And if I am being really honest, my husband is THE WORST when it comes to getting a cold. He really does act like the world is ending and possibly his life. I just think men are a bit more “sensitive” when it comes to being sick.

That is why I prepare our house for cold & flu season like our lives depend on it… aka The Cold & Flu Apocalypse.

Here are some things I do to prepare:

I clean every surface in my house.

I know it may sound crazy but I like to start the season off with a clean slate. I disinfect and clean just about every surface in my home.

In fact, you may not even think of cleaning and disinfecting door handles into your home like the garage and front door. Even car door handles, steering wheels, etc. Basically all surfaces you touch regularly that can accumulate germs.

I stock up on essentials.

The next thing I do is head to the store and stock up on all the cold & flu survival essentials.

Tissues √

Tea (with honey and lemon) √

Cold & Flu Medicine (day and night) √

When it comes to cold & flu medicine I always go for a brand I’ve known my entire life and that is Vicks. I remember getting Vicks VapoRub placed onto my chest when I was sick as a kid and that hasn’t changed to this day.

I recently found a new product – Vicks VapoCool DayQuil and NyQuil tablets. It looked like a good pick so I am excited to give it a try. The new VapoCool technology releases a rush of soothing Vicks vapors!

And of course, I got some Vicks VapoRub because it has always helped when my family or I have gotten the flu.

Right now, you can save on Vicks at Walmart:

  • $1 off any Vicks product at Walmart (except drops, Sinex, and ZzQuil) – BrandSAVER coupon from the 11/25 newspaper
  • $1 off Vicks Nyquil at Walmart – iBotta offer
  • $0.75 off Vicks VapoDrops at Walmart – iBotta Offer
  • Bonus $1.25 rebate when you use both iBotta offers

Personally, I like to head to my local Walmart because I know they have exactly what I need at a great price. Even better, you can totally order all your cold & flu essentials online using Walmart’s grocery pick-up and never have to leave your car! One, you are staying away from more germs in-store and two, you can get everything you need while being in your pajamas and never leaving your car!

In fact, the other night I ran to Walmart to get everything I needed and it was snowing pretty good outside. It was cold and I just wanted to stay in my warm car so, I did. I ordered what I needed online, arrived at my online pick-up designated area and within a few minutes I was on my way home with the essentials to survive cold & flu season.

Obviously, you want to avoid getting the cold & flu at all costs especially if you have kids but sometimes it just happens.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait until you feel like your world is ending. Jump online right now and order your cold & flu essentials.

We hope you survive the cold & flu apocalypse this year!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Vicks. The opinions and text are all mine.

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