Here’s How To Properly Store Cut Up Watermelon So It Always Stays Delicious

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We are headed straight toward watermelon season — aka my 2nd favorite foodie season of the year.

My FAVORITE season is PEACH season, but that’s a story for another time.

There’s not much better than a cold, juicy slice of watermelon eaten by the pool during the summer, AMIRITE?!?

But, how do you make sure you keep that watermelon fresh after you slice it and cube it all up?

Yep, there is a trick. And, you will wonder why you never thought of this before.

How To Keep Chunks Of Watermelon Fresh In The Fridge

You buy a huge watermelon at the farmer’s market — or Walmart — and you want to cut it into chunks, so it will be ready to eat.

But, odds are, you won’t be able to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

And, have you ever had watermelon that has been sitting in the fridge? It can be a bit — ew.

It can get slimy feeling and mealy tasting really quickly.

So, here’s what you do.

Go pick out the biggest, juiciest watermelon you can find. Don’t know how to pick a good watermelon? Don’t worry. We got you. Here’s how to pick the perfect watermelon every single time.

Now, you want to get a sharp knife, and cut that watermelon into bite size chunks.

Don’t forget to cut off that gross green watermelon rind.

Tip: Instead of a knife, use an ice cream scoop to scoop out the flesh of the watermelon. It comes out in bite-sized pieces, and you can easily avoid getting rind.

Go ahead and eat a couple pieces. This part is just about mandatory. LOL!

Now, you want to get a strainer, a trivet, a colander, or something that will let the liquid drain out of the watermelon.


Throw your watermelon right into your chosen draining device.

Now, put that draining device into a bowl — or even better — a sealable container.

Cover the watermelon. Either use plastic wrap or the lid to the container. You want to make sure it’s tightly sealed.

Put that bowl into the refrigerator.

The juice will drain out of the watermelon as it sits in the fridge, so your deliciously sweet and juicy chunks don’t sit in the watermelon juice.

Voila! You’ll have crisp, yummy watermelon chunks every single time you dive into the fridge for a snack.

Does this method seem to labor intensive for you?

Amazon actually sells a Watermelon Saver that does basically the same thing.


It’s only 20 bucks, and it is the best money you will spend all summer long!

Get your Watermelon Saver right on the Amazon website.


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