How twitter can solve its revenue problem…

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So, I was reading on a blog yesterday (I can’t find the link to save my life though lol) all about how twitter is having trouble keeping up with how much they are growing and thre are rumors of twitter becoming a paid service. This made me sad… and got me to thinking. Here’s the thing, I don’t think Twitter should charge ever. They have a great system because it is free and fun to use. Instead they need to come up with a DIFFERENT way of making buttloads of cash…. hmmm what else in this world is free and fun to use that makes loads of cash… the television perhaps? And how does the television make its money? Advertising. Now, I am not talking banner ads at the top of your twitter page. We all use something to post to our twitters anyway… so anyone with any sort of sense of just how twitter works knows that is a bad plan… but I know how they could make loads of cash and still keep the twitting free, unlimited, and easy to use!

Are you ready for my brilliant idea? Okay here goes… what does twitter have that no one else does? An account of EVERY user’s day and a searchable database! So, if you were to search my twitter recently you would know that I have a small child, and I had to take her to the pediatrician, that I work out regularly, and that I love to play video games… wow that is three HUGE markets right there.

So, you have the users, you have figured out what market they fit in, now you just need to figure out how to make it work. With tweets. Simple as that. Let’s say that pays for a tweet ad that they sent out to all the users in the “parents” market. A tweet pops up on my screen that says:

“ is now offering buy one get one free diapers for the next hour. Click here.”

and… bam you have a happy customer. I know this would be a bit of a pain for users to filter through the ads… but you could offer twitter as a paid service ad free and twitter would just have to do a stellar job at keeping out the riff raff (No Viogora ads, please) and making sure that the tweet ads were good ones that twitter users would really appreciate!

That, my friends… is how I would solve twitter’s revenue problems.

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  1. That’s sounds reasonable enough. Except for the fact that everyone hates ads. Myspace & Facebook have terrible click through numbers. Something like less than .5% I like your train of thoughts though. Hoepfully they can monetize and remain highly valuable.


  2. Sounds a bit like google's (& gmail's) targeted adds.