I am opening my own scrapbook store!

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Okay, so my website has basically been renting out the space to another scrapbook store for the past nine months, and that store has decided to close its doors… which leaves the doors open for me to open my store and I am so excited… I have never done ANYTHING like this before.. yikes! So far I have gotten the tax id stuff straightened out, I have already talked to some vendors… and our very first kit is officially in the works! I have the stuff on order and EVERYTHING! I can’t believe this is happening… I spent the morning researching shipping companies and box manufacturers… hehe and for some reason my daughter is being WONDERFUL during all this! I am shooting to open August 1, but I am definitely getting ascared! I think it might really happen though! Deep Breaths!

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  1. :banana: :elephant: and :staypuf:

    I am SO excited and happy for you! You are gonna be GREAT at this! I KNOW IT!

  2. I’m very happy for you…this is very exciting! And your kit designer is just awesome. 😉