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So you think you can dance…

So, here is something that you probably didn’t know about me… I am OBSESSED with reality television… I mean all of it, we are talking Big Brother, Survivor, The Real World Road Rules Challenge, even this new show on Fox Reality TV called Solitary… I love it all (with the exception of American Idol, I hate that show!)…. and I have NO idea why… but I am having a problem… I absolutely love So you think you can Dance… but here is the problem… That dang show takes up three hours of my precious tv watching time a week! I mean… how long ARE the dances really? And does the results show have to be a full hour? I love this show, and I think it is, but I don’t know if I have the time to watch it. I want them to make it shorter! So, here is my official plea… please make Cat the host talk less so that we can shave a half hour off the show! Oh, and if you guys make the show go longer again and my TiVo cuts off the boys elimination round one more time I am gonna send you a monkey in the mail!

Ahh rant over… thank you… that is all 🙂