I Haven’t Seen My Parents In Months And I Miss Them

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I moved out for the very first time this past January for a job position. I graduated last May from Kutztown University and it was a huge step towards my career and in my life. 

At the age of 22, I moved out of the house permanently for the very first time. 

But boy if I had a magic crystal ball, I still could have never predicted a pandemic would take over soon after. 

It’s scary living in a world during a deadly virus at such a young age, especially when you’re out of the house. I never imagined my first time moving away from home, I would be stuck in self isolation and quarantined. 

My parents worry because I have Asthma, so I’m considered immune-compromised. So it’s not only scary for myself to be in the middle of a global crisis and away from home, but I’m my parents only daughter.

My family is close knit, therefore my parents and I have close relationships. I was already nervous regarding moving out, but it’s even more nerve racking now, going through what the world is currently, without them right by my side.

Luckily I have my best friend as my roommate, so we live together and  make sure to practice social distancing and keeping up with good sanitization. 

I know my parents miss me a lot and I miss them everyday too, but this is an unusual emotion I have never felt before whenever I usually miss my parents.

It’s an unsettling feeling of concern and the uncertainty of when I will be able to visit my parents again. I’m concerned for their health as any other kid would, but I also worry if things will ever return normal again.

I want to be able to hug my parents when I see them, without a mask and without gloves, but I’m not sure how long things will remain this way. To my parents, I am the foreign object walking into their house and for now, we can’t take any risks of one us becoming sick. 

For every young adult who has moved out of their parent’s house for the very first time and for every parent who misses their children who have currently left the nest, you’re not alone.

It’s important for all of us to stay connected, so moms and dads, reach out to your sons and daughters. Children, remember to call your parents even throughout your busy schedule because now is the time when it’s the most important.  

I miss you Mom and Dad.

Love, Natalie 

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