I was thinking…

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There once was a girl that was writing a book.  She was so busy typing this book that she was forgetting how important it was to not use a certain word in what was to be her manuscript.  I was trying to remember what that word was, but for some reason, even though it was just on the tip of what was my tongue, I couldn’t. So as I was sitting around, thinking about what was going to be the Great American Novel.  I was so stressed because there was this one word that popped up.  It was popping up everywhere.  It was frustrating at first, until I was reading my novel for like what was the fourteenth time and I was realizing that it was probably a word that was so small and miniscule that it was something I was just overlooking.

So, as I was going through the book. I was deciding that I was going to just get it all out on what was my blog.  And, so I was about to stop writing in my blog when I realized I was so tired of this word that my plan was actually working!

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