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People Are Using This Special Spray To Get Rid of Invasive Tress and It Is Genius

Invasive trees got you down? Say no more!

So, you know when you spend all that time and energy cutting down invasive trees just to have it grow back?

Well, apparently there is an easy solution for that and it comes in the form of a spray!

TikTok user mel_in_ky shared this genius hack for getting rid of invasive trees once and for all.

Apparently all you need is some freshly cut tree branches and the Spectracide Pruning Seal.

Now, the product is advertised to be used as a way to keep diseased trees from spreading to other trees but like the TikToker pointed out, it can actually seal freshly pruned trees and keep them from coming back.

Even in the Amazon Q&A area, one user asks:

“Will this keep the tree limbs from returning in the treated area after the tree has been pruned?”

And the company responded with this answer:

Thank you for your question. Yes, the product will prevent any new growth to the treated area.”

So, there you have it. If you have trees that just won’t go away even after cutting, you just need this spray.

Spray it on the freshly cut ends and the invasive trees will be gone!

You can get the Spectracide Pruning Seal Spray Here.