Is There A 12-Step Program For Saving Facebook Food Links?

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Like many other addicts before me I thought, “It will never happen to me.” I dabbled a little here, and a tried it a little there, each time getting drawn deeper and deeper into the lifestyle. “It isn’t a problem,” I told myself as I was in the beginning throws of what would become my secret affliction. I’d heard the warning tales: It starts small, with a gateway. For me it was pot … Instapot. The way it works so quickly, the smells, the pressure build up, and the satisfying release. I was hooked. Before I knew it, I had moved on to the more hardcore, slow-cooked recipes. They say the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem, and I have to know: is there a 12-step program for saving Facebook links? Because I – I need help.

Is There A 12-Step Program For Saving Facebook Food Links?

I have a huge Facebook problem. It goes something like this:

Oh! Oven Hobo Fajitas? *SAVE*

Instapot Baked Potatoes! Heck yes!! *SAVE*

Sunshine on a Plate? What is that?! It sounds good! *SAVE*

Yum! Smoked Cheese Soup? I love cheese! *SAVE*

Oh! Slow Cooker Spicy Chicken Taquitos? I have to have that! *SAVE*

This goes on forever. Sometimes Facebook leads me down wormholes, and I have no idea how I’ve even gotten there. By the time I look up, I’ve saved twenty-five recipes, and it’s been two hours. TWO HOURS! How does that happen?

Have I ever even made one of these recipes? No. Am ever going to use even one of these recipes? Maybe, but odds are I’m not.

It’s not just recipes. I do the same thing with crafts. Do I even own, or know how to use, a sewing machine? No, but it could happen! I mean, I can’t let a tutorial for kid’s leggings get away! Or, what about that post that shows you how to make a doll out of thrift store jeans. I could definitely, maybe, do that someday.

Then there are the hair tutorials Facebook entices me into saving. Sure, the hair tutorials are for long hair, and my hair doesn’t even reach my shoulders. That doesn’t deter me. They are too cute to pass up. *SAVE*

Don’t even get me started on the makeup tutorials. I hardly ever wear makeup. Whatever. Maybe I’ll want to leave the house on a random Tuesday with a sunset cut crease eyelid with a sharp wing, whatever that is. Luckily, I have it saved!

Does anyone else have this problem?

I tried to count the number of saved links I have on Facebook. I stopped at one hundred and twenty five. Trust me, there are many more. It’s just too embarrassing to keep counting. I think I may really have a problem.

Is there a twelve-step program for saving links on Facebook? Because …

“Hello. My name is Amanda, and I am a Facebook link hoarder.”

Also, I would totally save that program so I could look at it on a later date.

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