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Jamie Foxx Is Releasing A New Comedy On Netflix That Is Inspired By Embarrassing His Daughter and I Can’t Wait To See It

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Jamie Foxx is coming back to his comedy roots on the Netflix show Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, and I can’t wait!!

You might remember, long before he appeared in Ray. Long before Rio, Dreamgirls, Annie, or Miami Vice. A long time before Soul, Any Given Sunday, or Ali. Jamie Foxx was one of the stars of a little comedy show called In Living Color.

He was also front and center in the TV comedy, The Jamie Foxx Show, in the late 1990s.


NOW, the Oscar winner is taking it BACK to wear he started, with a situational comedy based on his relationship with his daughter. And as a daughter myself, I can totally relate!! Ha!


Netflix’s Dad Stop Embarrassing Me is going to be produced by Jamie’s daughter Corinne Foxx, who also co-hosts the hit game show, Beat Shazam, with her dad.


“My dad embarrasses me a lot,” she (says). “You can see this on the show (Beat Shazam) when my dad is doing too much, or he starts dancing, or we play, like, sexy songs and he starts — I don’t even know — like, gyrating in the crowd. … He’s like a big kid, so it’s a good time. It’s not like working with an old man.”


It is THIS daughter on whom the show has been loosely based, and I can’t wait to see how this all plays out!


There isn’t word yet on WHEN the show is going to drop, but we will definitely keep you up to date as we find out more.


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