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John Legend Wrote A Heartfelt Message To Chrissy After The Loss Of Their 3rd Baby and It Is Beautiful

Grab the tissues for this one…

A few weeks ago John Legend and Chrissy Teigen suffered the loss of their 3rd baby when Chrissy miscarried.

Since that time, people have been sending an outpour of love and positive messages to try to lift the couple up especially since John and Chrissy have been so public with their struggles.

And now, John has shared the most beautiful and heartfelt message to Chrissy (and the world).

John took to Instagram to post a heartfelt message along with the song he wrote and dedicated to Chrissy called “Never Break“.

He started by saying:

“This is for Chrissy. I love and cherish you and our family so much. We’ve experienced the highest highs and lowest lows together. Watching you carry our children has been so moving and humbling. I’m in awe of the strength you’ve shown through the most challenging moments.”

He continued with sharing the meaning behind the song:

I wrote this song because I have faith that as long as we walk this earth, we will hold each other’s hands through every tear, through every up and down, through every test. We promised each other this on our wedding day seven years ago, and every challenge we’ve faced has made that promise more powerful, more resilient. Our love will remain. We will never break.

Beautiful words from a beautiful man. The love they share is beautiful too.

You can read the entire message and watch his performance of the song from the Billboard Music awards below.