Kellogg’s Is Releasing Jumbo Cereal Snax Packs and I Call Dibs on Froot Loops

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Cereal Snack Attack!! Y’all, one of my favorite snacks is to just open up my cereal box, and throw the dry cereal in my mouth by the handful — sans milk.

Courtesy of Kellogs

Kellogg’s has just TOTALLY made life easier — and BETTER — by bringing out Snax Packs of the Kellogg’s cereals we know and love! Oh and the pieces are JUMBO size!

The Froot Loops Snax packs contain those colorful Os of sweet froot that my kids beg for in the mornings.

Now, I can totally give them a bag of this Snax Cereal as an afternoon snack, or throw a bag in their lunch. They are going to LOVE it!

Courtesy of Kellogg’s

The Apple Jacks Snax Pack is much like the Froot Loops, but you get those yummy cinnamon crunch apple Os, that are simple perfection.

Courtesy of Kellogg’s

Tiger Paws — the only way I can describe these Snax are like a Frosted Flake meets a Cheerio. They are a puffed Tiger Paw, but they have that sweetness you crave.

Courtesy of Kellogg’s

This one is my ABSOLUTE favorite! This Snax Pack is Corn Pop cereal, but with a twist! They are made of a crunchy CARAMEL Corn Pop. I could seriously snack on these all day.

Courtesy of Kellogg’s

You can look for these amazing new Kellogg’s Snax in May, wherever you normally get your cereal and snacks.

2020 is totally shaping up to be the year of amazing cereal! You have GOT to check out the new Fruity Pebbles that turns your milk BLUE.

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