Here’s A List Of Free Virtual Tours You Can Take Right Now

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Are you in the mood for a change of scenery? This list of virtual tours surely has something to make you happy!

We have zoos, aquariums, historic homes, museums, theme parks, and so much more! Let’s take some virtual trips to ease that cabin fever!

Museum Tours

The Getty Museum has online exhibits to visit! They are even having a challenge right now to recreate some of the art pieces at home and it is super awesome!

The Vatican Museum, a place I am sure I would never be able to visit in person. You can see the Sistine Chapel from the comfort of your own home!

If you want a little bit of weird and spooky, then check out The Winchester Mystery House!

The Detroit Institute of Arts’ has an exhibit that features Frida Kahlo!

You can visit the Houston Space Center with augmented reality. You can even experience a 360-degree view of the galaxy.

Take a tour of Van Gogh’s art pieces with a virtual tour.

We have a ton more virtual museum trips you can take as well! Just click over for the full list!

Zoo and Aquarium Tours

The San Diego Zoo has live cams running non stop! You can see tigers, polar bears, elephants and more!

The National Aquarium located in Baltimore has a really cool interactive virtual tour.

The Georgia Aquarium provides has live feeds! I prefer the live feeds over the virtual tours! I love seeing everything happening live.

Amusement Parks

Did you have to cancel your Disney vacation? I’m so very sorry! But you can take a tour right now from home! They have a 360-degree panorama that takes you through Epcot, Animal Kingdom, the Magic Kingdom and more! We also have a list of the rides by video!

You can also visit SeaWorld Orlando! They have an interactive virtual tour with interactive rides as well as activities.

Legoland Florida also has a virtual tour available for the Lego lovers in your home!

We know it sucks to be stuck in your home for so long, but maybe this will give you a little “vacation” from your cabin fever!

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