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A KFC Employee Shows How They Make Their Mashed Potatoes And It Doesn’t Include Actual Potatoes

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Oh no!! Say it isn’t so!!

Now a worker from KFC has taken to TikTok to expose the fact that they don’t use real potatoes in their mashed potatoes.

I might cry right now — the mashed potatoes are my favorite thing to get from the home of the Colonel’s Chicken.

TikTok needs to STOP ruining everything related to food — like the tuna at Subway not being tuna at all.


It turns out that KFC makes their famous mashed potatoes in the same general way that we make instant mashed potatoes at home.

They start out with 3 quarts of HOT water poured into a food preparation tub.

Then they dump in the powdered potatoes — sounds very familiar to how I made supper last night.

Finally, they stir the water and powdered potatoes up until they are thick and creamy.

I kinda just assumed there were like eleventy million potato peelers in the back, and it was someone’s job to peel all the fresh potatoes.

I guess that’s the secret behind the potatoes’ good and processed flavor that so many people find totally addictive.

I really don’t get how all these restaurants — all the ones I LOVE — are able to pass off food that isn’t real.

I mean, are the powdered potatoes at KFC even in the potato family? Or is it something else altogether?

I’m starting to question ALL my restaurant choices, but can we agree that the mashed potatoes at KFC are still delicious??

UPDATE: Someone has since deleted the @modaciouss TikTok account — the one that shared the KFC secret. Hmmm — did the Colonel have something to do with it??

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  1. Did anyone really think someone peeled all those potatoes

  2. Dehydrated potatoes, aka instant mashed potatoes are made from real potatoes. Back when Discovery Channel, or The Learning Channel (TLC as it’s known now), had educational programs. Had an episode of “How It’s Made” about that.

  3. That is exactly how they are prepared. Yes I did work for KFC. Also, the gravy is a powder. Add hot water. I did add to the gravy a bit (my secret), making it a bit more flavorful.

  4. Umm. Dehydrated potatoes…. Are still potatoes .. I don’t know why anyone thinks they were fresh potatoes bring peeled at KFC..

    1. @DEMOLITION DOM, hope springs eternal? Or maybe we just like fooling ourselves! Lol

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