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Kick Your Motivation Into High Gear With These Five Easy Ways To Start Your Day

There are just some days I need more motivation than usual to get through the span of 24 hours. Monday seems to be that day for me, but really, it could be any day of the week.

Sometimes I need to hold hands and sing kumbaya with Motivation just to survive the onslaught of daylight hours (overnight might be YOUR tough time).

Then there are those days when the sound of my alarm clock pisses me off.

Some days my clothes just don’t fit right. It feels like I have gained five pounds overnight, or like someone came in and adjusted the seams of my outfits ever so slightly just to drive me mad.

I know it’s going to be a bad day when I go to breakfast and my favorite cereal is gone. Or, heaven forbid, the milk is empty. Usually, as I am lamenting over the depleted milk supply, my child runs in, conveniently forgetting until NOW that today is the last day for field trip money. She’s known about the field trip for two weeks, but she chooses the most inopportune moment to tell me.

My day starts off with the anxiety grumps, and before I know it I’m frustrated with the world.

All of these unfortunate events set me up for a day where I drastically need some form of catalyst to carry me through. I need motivation to envelop me like a soft fleece blanket cocoon, and whisper, “You got this, Fierce Warrior. You can defeat this day.”

So what do you do when you have the blahs? What do you do to get yourself up and moving, to face the day with a glimmer of a smile?

Here are five things you can try to kick your motivation into high gear.

Set an alarm across the room so you have to get up and turn it off. Once up, take a moment to stretch. Maybe do some simple yoga poses. Stretching will help you ease into the day. It will wake your body up gently.

Read a motivational book, even if you have to carve out just five minutes. Starting your day reading an uplifting chapter can really carry you through the day with a positive attitude and a go-get-em’ spirit.

Journal. If you know me, this is my go-to answer for just about everything. It really does help. Journaling starts your mind off on the right foot for the day. It helps you organize your thoughts, and get your mind ready to focus on work or whatever else you might have to do.

Pray, meditate, or have a moment of silence. This sets your mind straight, and lets you give your troubles away to the universe. It centers you, and starts your day in peace.

Listen to a motivational message while you get ready. This, again, gets your mind where it needs to be. You will start your day on a positive note, and hopefully be able to carry this positivity with you through the day.

I know some days seem impossible, but they don’t have to be. Stop, take a breath, and try one or more of the ideas above. They just might help you get happy, motivated, and be able to face the day like the fierce, positive person you are.