Kroger Is Launching A New Feature To Help Change The Way You Shop For Groceries. Here’s How It Works.

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Does anybody else feel overwhelmed when they go grocery shopping, especially when the goal is to specifically purchase only healthy foods?

I know what the basics are, Vegetables are good and doughnuts should be limited and I know how to look at a label, but when it comes to specifics, that’s where I tend to lack.

Assorted vegetables sticks and dip

Well it’s hats off to Kroger because they have simplified healthy eating for customers and here’s how.

Kroger, along with registered dietitians, analysts and experts have created OptUp, an app that breaks down the nutrition of food to a simplified scale from 1-100.


More specifically, the food items in your grocery store will be rated from 1-100, the lower the rating the less healthy it is and vice versa.

When you use the app, you can search for ingredients or scan the barcode on the item you wish to look up. Not only does it rate the food, but it also gives you the nutritional value as well!


The app also allows you to track your purchases and rates how healthy your overall shopping experience was.

You can view your weekly progress score to make sure you are maintaining the preferred score you wish to desire on a rated scale from 0-1,000.


Sounds like a great app to download if you frequently shop at Kroger and want to learn more about the foods you’re consuming. I just wish there was a Kroger near me so I could use the app!


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  1. The Kroger Co. Family of Stores includes:

    City Market
    Food 4 Less
    Foods Co
    Fred Meyer
    Harris Teeter
    King Soopers
    Jay C Food Store
    Owens Market
    Pay-Less Super Markets
    Smith’s Food and Drug

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