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Jojo Siwa Celebrates Six Months Of Love And Happiness With Her Girlfriend And We Are Here For It

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It is obvious that Jojo Siwa has been incredibly happy — giddy even — since she came out and started dating her girlfriend, Kylie Prew.

The happiness and contentedness just radiates from her whole being, and we are so incredibly lucky to be here to witness it.

We should all be so lucky and happy in our relationships!!

Now, Jojo and Kylie are celebrating SIX MONTHS together — can you believe it’s been that long?!? — and they are more in love than ever, and it’s SO cute!

Of course, Jojo took to one of her favorite places — INSTAGRAM — to celebrate the half-year anniversary.

Without a question… by far… the Best 6 months ever:)❤️

Jojo Siwa

 I’m so lucky to get to call this incredible human my girlfriend.?

Jojo Siwa

Thank you for everyday making me feel so special and SO loved. I will forever love you more than you know:)❤️ Happy 6 months to you my love bug!:)

Jojo Siwa

The pair visited one of my favorite spots on earth — DISNEYLAND — to celebrate the special occasion.

They then had the BIGGEST sundae bar ever — And they didn’t invite us. *Bummer*

On the pairs’ Instagram stories — which you know disappear, unfortunately — they shared videos of their special anniversary dinner together, and they were so cute!

Congratulations, Jojo and Kylie! We are so glad you are so happy and in love.

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